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Allways Consulting sagl

Un'agenzia di comunicazione ma non solo! La Allways Consulting assiste la clientela nell'elaborazione e nella pianificazione di campagne pubblicitarie, nell'organizzazione e nella gestione di eventi; molteplici le strategie sviluppate dal Team Allways a supporto di ogni settore di attività commerciale.

ANDREA ABATE - Travel & More

Conoscitrice del settore alberghiero e cosciente dell’emozione che un viaggio ben organizzato deve lasciare, accompagno i miei ospiti in esperienze uniche. Con me il vostro viaggio dura tre volte: quando lo sogni, quando lo vivi, quando lo ricordi. 


"Chi vuole gestire al meglio le cose altrui deve saper mettere da parte gli interessi personali e condividere le soddisfazioni dei propri clienti."

Assurswiss è dunque un’azienda partner per i privati e le aziende che vogliono un’adeguata copertura assicurativa e tutelarsi dall’eventualità                                                 di ritrovarsi in difficoltà in circostanze già avverse a godere dei vantaggi usufruibili quando si presentano le opportunità.

DG1 Swiss

DG1 is a cloud-based business suite software designed for small and medium-sized businesses that cannot otherwise afford the huge upfront costs and liabilities of enterprise digital systems.

Many SMBs use third-party services for the convenience, but these companies actively prevent users from accessing customer data. And without it, sustainable growth will be extremely difficult to achieve in the digital era.

DG1 alleviates this data disparity, and was designed to return control back into business owners’ hands - where it belongs.

                                             With more than 15 years of aggregated knowledge working on digital product development and enterprise systems, DG1 provides SMB                                                           owners with a simple, quick and functional platform that also offers them full access and ownership to customer data.

                                             With no physical or software installations required, the DG1 platform is flexible, affordable and capable - everything SMB owners would want                                               when running a business.

Dia Immobiliare

Siamo attivi nel settore immobiliare dal 1981, in questi anni abbiamo seguito con professionalità più di 1800 transazioni. Ai nostri clienti offriamo, trasparenza, competenza ed impegno. Accompagneremo il venditore e l'acquirente attraverso tutte le pratiche che un trapasso immobiliare richiede.

Fabiano, Franke & MGT

We are an IP consulting firm headquartered in Switzerland, with both national and international operations.

Our mission is to transform the intangible into tangible by helping our clients to create value from their innovative ideas and unique inventions.

ngi - new global international

Thanks to agreements signed with Swiss banking institutions specialized in high-level consulting services in relation to art, New Global International Sagl offers highly innovative and performing art financing solutions to collectors, gallery owners and other art professionals.

Swiss Association of Crypto Investors (SACI)

The Swiss Association of Crypto Investors (SACI) is a non-profit association created in response to the increasing role that the blockchain technology plays in the Swiss economy and in consideration of the strategic importance that it is going to hold for the country.

Scibile Network 

Società informatica all'avanguardia, leader nei servizi di data center, soluzioni web innovative e IT ad elevato valore aggiunto; una società consolidata con 14 anni di esperienza, in continua espansione, una tra le realtà di spicco del territorio e fornitrice di servizi alla WTC Lugano già da quasi 10 anni.

Swiss Diamond Hotel


Swiss Diamond Hotel is a five-stars luxury hotel located in Lugano, well-known in all Switzerland as much as in Northern Italy for its exclusivity                                               and the excellence of the services provided. In a fascinating corner of Lugano lake surronded by the enchanted view of the montains, Swiss                                                   Diamond Hotel uniquely combines the Alps majesty with Lugano Lake romanticism.

Tecnopinz SA

In a world of imperfection, go for the least one

Tecnopinz is globally renowned for the design and manufacturing of high-precision tool clamping systems and customized precision                                                               mechanics. Up-to-date technical expertise combined with the most cutting-edge machining and quality control technology, allow us to deliver                                               rapid, flexible and effective production services.


Professional linguistic services

Our agency offers professional services via a network of more than 80 centres in Europe. We specialise in translations, proofreading,                                                               multilingual transcriptions, voice-overs and subtitling services.

Villa Principe Leopoldo - Lugano

Live in a fairy tale, surrounded by prestige and nature

Imagine contemplating Lugano’s beauty in a princely residence. The former private home of German Emperor Wilhelm’s brother in law, the                                                   Villa is located on a picturesque promontory called the Collina d’Oro (Golden Hill), whose views and location are the best kept secret in town.

                                             If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in a legendary home, a stay at Villa Principe Leopoldo offers the answer you've been                                                       waiting for.

Institutional links

World Trade Centers Association

The World Trade Centers Association stimulates trade and investment opportunities for commercial property developers, economic development agencies, and international businesses looking to connect globally and prosper locally.

Our association serves as an 'international ecosystem' of global connections, iconic properties, and integrated trade services under the umbrella of a prestigious brand.

The exclusive 'World Trade Center' and 'WTC' branded properties and trade service organizations are located in more than 90 countries and supported by 15,000 WTC professionals that deliver integrated, reciprocal resources to solve your business needs.

AITI: Associazione Industrie Ticinesi

AITI, Association of Ticino's industries, is a private and independent organization headquartered in Lugano and established in 1962 to promote and support industries in the Ticino canton.

Camera di Commercio del Canton Ticino

The Ticino Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a local organization of businesses and companies in Lugano with the intention to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Switzerland. Many businesses are international operating companies with offices in Switzerland.

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

The FDFA website is as diverse as the department itself and includes pages ranging from comprehensive dossiers on major subjects, such as European policy and development cooperation, to shorter sections on specialised autonomous divisions, such as the Swiss Maritime Navigation Office. 

Swiss Official Gazzette of Commerce

SOGC provides economic subjects - primarily companies in the segments of services, commerce, trade and industry - with relevant information on their business environment.

La Posta Svizzera

Swiss Post is a diversified Group that operates in four markets. Its three subsidiaries Post CH Ltd, PostFinance Ltd and PostBus Ltd provide high-quality, marketable and innovative services, and make every effort to satisfy the high expectations of their customers.

Lugano Turismo

The official tourism office to discover Lugano and Canton Ticino.

Registries of Commerce of Switzerland

Certified excerpts of the registry of commerce have to be ordered directly from the cantonal registry of commerce where the legal entity has its seat.