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Transfer your business without losing sight of it.

Services for established companies.

Transferring a company or a branch of the company always involves some practical and logistical problems that can distract entrepreneurs from their real business, especially in the early stages. The key elements for success are organisation and the subsequent continuity of operations.

WTC Lugano. Customised full-service consultation and support for companies already in operation.

It’s true. The first time you enter the WTC Lugano you'll find a dedicated team of professionals committed to identifying the answers and solutions you need to facilitate the transition and to deal better with the banks and Swiss authorities, through a wide range of administrative and accounting services.

 A single contact person and all services "under one roof": the WTC guarantee to keep organisational effort and overhead costs at a minimum by avoiding waste of time.

In 1998, the WTC was certified as a "Center of Excellence" for the superior quality of the services offered and the representativeness of the offices.


We offer a range of business support services and specific professional skills for clients who want to transfer their companies to offices at the World Trade Center Lugano.

Arranging a meeting with our business consultant is the necessary first step to better understand the client's needs.

Our specialised staff will take care of notarial practices to amend the statutes and notify the Trade Register of the amendment; the other support services that WTC consultants are able to provide include the amendment of the company purpose and/or name, capital increase, appointment and dismissal of people, and the transfer of shares.

If necessary, it is possible to seek legal and fiscal advice, thanks to our many years of collaboration with qualified external partners.


For many companies, optimising time is crucial, especially when transferring a company in part or in its entirety. That's why our organisation adapts to the client's needs and schedule, working side by side and providing centralised and indispensable services for the administrative and accounting management of their activities, complying with time and money restrictions.  

The main services are:

  • Invoicing
  • Keeping daily accounts
  • Employee management, payroll, social security contributions, dealing with pension funds, insurance
  • Administrative and accounting consultation
  • Assistance in dealing with banks and Swiss authorities
  • VAT calculations, tax returns, preparing and drafting the balance sheet


To ensure the company's operational continuity, we enable clients to use the WTC address as the legal and operational domicile of their business registered in the company register.

For those whose business activities are primarily conducted outside the headquarters, domiciliation at the WTC Lugano offers an extra advantage: the personalised telephone answering service. The constant presence of the WTC team means that the client is freed up from dealing with daily tasks, so they can fully devote themselves to their work.

You can also make use of the WTC meeting rooms, highly representative spaces equipped with every comfort, for an hour, half a day, or a full day for business meetings.